Your one-stop-shop for content-based incentive trips, corporate vacation, and an unforgettable, high-level event production!


As a unique company that operates at a high level, we place innovation, growth and constant learning as our top priorities - in order to generate more inspiration and growing activities in your organization.


Decades of professional experience in conference productions and original content-based tourism experiences around the world enable us to present you with creative solutions for a unique production - designed for 10 to 25,000 attendees.


Uproduction is the only place that combines vast experience in both the production and the tourism realms - making every trip, vacation or conference an experience tailored to your needs – producing it at the highest level of quality.

Uproduction - From Business to Pleasure under the direction of Alon ouaknine benefits from a great deal of professional knowledge in the fields of corporate production and corporate tourism – while offering a unique and unprecedented combination of original content-based tourism solutions and holidays, conference productions and more.

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